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Cognitive abilities of ours are not only precious as such, but also give us joy of growing wiser, revelation by revelation. I, personally, feel extremely joyful when I understand something I couldn’t grasp before.

Can you tell the difference between freedom and liberty? “I am free” vs “I am at liberty”. “Free society” vs “liberal society”. I see freedom as a personal choise to follow own values and respond (note: not ‘react’) to the life situations. One can be restricted to choose, but nevertheless free to choose. Liberty, I reckon, is merely absence of restrictions (note: I am not talking about ultimate liberty). One can be at liberty to choose, and nevertheless refuse own freedom. “To choose not to choose is also a choise,” existentialism declares.

So while liberty is an external factor, I regard freedom as an internal state. But is it the same to ‘be free’ and to ‘feel free’? “I know you gonna be free, but are you gonna feel free?”: a line from one of my inspirational songs, which I call ‘my personal anthems’. When I heard it for the first time, I was like “What is that about? Is it even possible? You’ve manifested your highest desires, you’ve proved to yourself your freedom, and still you are not feeling free?” Now that I’m experiencing manifestation of my freedom, I’ve grasped the difference.

To be free, as follows from above, is to choose your freedom. However, some manifestations of our freedom might put us in a situation where there are no conditions to practise our freedom. I cannot follow my values or respond to the life situation in a way I’d like to not because I’m restricted to do so, but because of absence of means to do so (note: it is not about blaming circumstances). Therefore, I don’t feel free, even though I understand I am free.


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