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Day #25. Those twenty-five days, one can say, made all the difference or, one can say, no difference at all. Here, at the Home of Spirituality (and Buddhism is rather about spirituality than dogma), we follow the Middle Path, so I rather tell you that those twenty-five days have put a bunch of dots on a paper of my life. And if you know who Steve Jobs is, you will probably also know that those (and all the other) dots will eventually connect.

What is also true, it’s that day #25 is quite different from day #1. On day #1, our chanting was more of a frog croaking, quantum physics seemed easier than Chinese characters, and chopsticks were seen rather as a threat to health and well-being of ours. On day #3, we were already singing the songs in language we didn’t even understand (though it’s never too dull to sing something which sounds like syan-miaow-chow). Now, I can already say “wo si-hwan cho-kuh-lee” (I like chocolate) and even write the characters, pick up a rice grain with chopsticks, discuss about opening chakras or bad karma and mean nothing supernatural about it (chakras are merely energy points which can get blocked e.g. because of improper breathing, or, to be even more down-to-earth, one’s bad habits can negatively influence their health, say wrong posture while eating might slow down your metabolism). I know 52 steps of taiji fan, practice meditation, and am able to self-check on compassion showed or contemplation done.

On the whole, I’m rather happy I’m here. This whole thing is an incredible piece of experience that enriches me in various ways possible. In case you wonder – no, Buddhism is not a magic remedy, and it does not give all the answers. Even so, it is a profound philosophy that, unlike many other religions, does not demean but nourishes and grows human spirit. It is also a great insight on Asian culture and way of life, which is rather mind-opening and mind-stretching.

One way or another, I have 95 more days to go. 95 days, taken piece by piece, day by day, hour by hour. No anxiety, no dissatisfaction, just calm and serene flow of the heart.


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